Your world is viewed
Through rose coloured glasses
Wouldn't it be terrible
If that world crumbled down?
Try not to look as my life passes
You feel like a king yet where is your crown?

Live in your life of dreams
When will your eyes see
Who are you trying to be
Live it up today
When you die you'll pay
Time to change your ways
A little bit each day
You're better off that way
Just stay away from me

Go with the flow
Forget what was
Don't waste time in the past
Once things get rolling
There's no way to pause
The life that you lead
Will be your last
Your last

Choose to do it
On your own
Feel your mind has really grown
Time will tell
Who comes out on top
The world keeps spinning
Can you make it stop?

How long will you last
Once the dice have been cast?

How long will you last?
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Life Of Dreams Lyrics

Crumbsuckers – Life Of Dreams Lyrics