Fueled by hate and abhorrence
Regiment of genocidal atrocity
Atomic military supremacy
Division of inexorable force

We've sworn to banish
Scum and vermin that pollutes this land
We kill at command
Ethnic cleansing of a worthless breed

Blades sharpened to penetrate
Diabolic congregation of extermination
Lethal ammunitions loaded
Infernal firepower set to annihilate

Women we shall assault, rape and kill
Fornicate to satisfy our sexual desire
Dismembered to die in a dishonored death
Soul evisceration, merciless execution

Reprisal leads to a mandatory death
Repent to realize it is too late
The arrogance of extreme elitists
We kill for anything, we hold no responsibility
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Operation Searchlight Lyrics

Crown Ov Horns – Operation Searchlight Lyrics