Only death is real,
World peace is just an illusion,
Liberty in absence,
Order turns into chaos!

Warfare and bloodshed,
Infernal confrontation; carnage unleashed,
Terror and fear,
Peace shatters; silence shall break

Raise the infernal torch of conflagration,
Earth's surface eternally scorching in flames!

Uphold the spears of damnation!
Conjure the storm of devastation,
Genocide erases your Earthly life!

Behold the world's cremation,
Like smoldering magma in a burning cauldron,
Thick ashes and smokes stream across dusk horizons,
Sunlight has failed to penetrate unto the ground

Celebrate the downfall of humanity,
See the world crumble at an unparalleled rate
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Warfare And Bloodshed Lyrics

Crown Ov Horns – Warfare And Bloodshed Lyrics