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Only Human Lyrics

Crown Of Glory – Only Human Lyrics

How do you do this morning?
How does it feel to face the news?
Cheating, lies and corruption
Look there is real blood on the screen

Raise your voice you will be heard
Their time is up our time will come
Wise men said good things take time
Rome wasn't built within a day

So raise your voice

Let’s stand up for the things we believe in
Don’t just raise a white flag and give up
Never said that I had all the answers,
But if we change ourselves, we could change ... Everything

I don’t think there is any leader
It’s more like the blind leading the blind
We don’t need your confessions
Or any other lame excuse
Always grub first than ethics
All your regrets aren't worth a dime
False promises from their lips
Just empty words for desperate ears
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