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Bane Of Our Existence Lyrics

Crown Of Glory – Bane Of Our Existence Lyrics

Hold up a minute look around yourself
You’re caught up in a daily rush
A little wheel in the machinery
Is this really what you are?
It’s like a puzzle of a grand design
We lose the things that give us life

Our memories are fading
We try to run, but cannot hide
Running around in circles asking who we are
Praying for miracles
But they are out of sight

To know what you want
To know what you need
That’s all you need to know
To live life fully

Counting the moments of your wasted time
Those days are gone they won’t return
If someone tells me that’s the sense of life
I will strongly disagree
A deeper pocket brings an empty heart
There’s more to live than meet the eyes

What’s wrong today?
When do we lose our way?
Tell me do you really think that money buys you anything?

Open up your mind
You will start to feel again
Digging deep into your soul
Go for the perfect goal
Let the chips fall where they may

Open up your eyes
If you try you’ll realize
Cast your sorrows to the wind
Make a brand new start
From the pieces torn apart
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