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Craig Xen – REVELATION Lyrics

Ay could you hit that metronome A.C
Aw that tick tick
Look man
P gang
Take you on a ride with me
Craig Xen, baby
Hey hey hey, okay

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you what I witnessed another 365 days in this wicked rap game
I done had internet
Niggas claim real then turn back
And sneak diss upon my name
Know they been afraid
Observing the rhythm of progression for positions that they think I finna take
Fuck nigga please
I've been in a lane that I paved on my own thoughts [?], ay
Tell me why the fuck you hate Xen
I keep it real every statement
Everywhere I go they got a problem with me
Honestly, I feel the fear intimidating
I just think you niggas oughta know, that
If you got a problem let me know, then
Pull up to my show and have em' let you in the door and we could sit and talk it out like bro, men
A part of me be wondering who raised a nigga
Till' I remember they just act as if I'm on stage
And been a fake display for plays
I'm internet paged just to get paid and they so pretentious
But hey
XO on the hate
That's a feminine pussy fuck nigga trait
I just be amazed
At how many niggas claim they be real
Really really fake
Feel me

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