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Bare Flesh Lyrics

Craig Xen – Bare Flesh Lyrics

Aye, hol' up let me turn the metronome off, I can't stand all that, "dum dum dum dum", all that fucking ticking nigga

[Verse 1:]
Bitch I ain't got no tats, but I'm scarred up and down all
Of my flesh
Underground overlord, warlord I'm a vet
I'm the best, I'm the beast, 3 headed off the leash
Can't compete with me, nigga yo' opinion obsolete
Concrete when I speak with conviction firmly
Burning bridges, I can't give a fuck who don't fuck with me
Cause every bridge that I burnt, was a lesson on to me
When I speak it's a blessing, I'm finessing on the beat
Gotcha bitch undressing and caressing on a G
Here's a question, why you can't keep that bitch up on her leash?
Cause she's barking and she starving, she want me between her teeth
I'ma skeet, then I skate right back off in the streets
And I'ma bite before I bark bitch
Watch how you talk to lil Xen when you talk shit
I might just trace your IP and have yo' ass whipped
Drop kick, face split, open like yo' loose lips
Firm grip, what yo' bitch have when she suck dick
I ain't even fuck, but bet her purse got unzipped
Bank rolls I'ma break hoes, I'm my dads kid
Son of a pimp, you the son of bitch, nigga

Say wassup (x30)
Up and down all on my flex
Underground overlord, warlord, I'm a vet
I'm the best, I'm the beast, 3 headed off the leash
Infinite Militia bitch, no you can't compete with me
(You fucking pickle dick looking ass nigga)

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