Children of the evil beast
Come along to have a feast
Hand over our life
On a plate to the beast
Drain your blood
And bring the sacrifice
Save yourself the pain
To be gutted still alive
Humans turned to monsters
Stalking like vultures, what a fucking stench
Blood of the wicken will paing this goddamn town

To live will be just one fucking spree
Lost control of our life - they say
By the time you feel collected you'll be lying on the floor
Drain the blood from the corpse - burnt flesh
Sinners will be buried by the numbers deep below
Broken back and then sliced - ruptured
Mutilated boy to be hanging on the door
Rip the spine of the dead - break free
Body turned to cadaver collect the blood to feed the beast
Harvest of body parts
Sickest shit to see alive
Bloody gore, eat the weak
Human race been marked for death
Scatter the human flesh
Separate the bloody head
Leave the dead to rot in wait
Human race been marked for death
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Ruptured Lyrics

Crackdust – Ruptured Lyrics