Brutal act
Tie me down
Rush of blood
The urge to kill again
Take this knife away from me
Turn away and I'll hurt myself instead

Deranged psychopath ready to kill again
Deranged psychopath ready to hurt again
Deranged psychopath get ready to run away

Twisted mind
Polluted thoughts
Voice inside
Command to kill the rest

Command getting loud
Cannot be ignored
Do what I must
To feed the monster inside
Beg for remorse
As I take your life
Talk to your god
When you hit the ground

I've tried the psycho bubble bullshit
Yet still I wanna rip apart
Heir to the throne
In the nut house I reign
Blood trail behind
The master won't fail

Face off the dark
Covered with blood
Bones have been revealed

Forced to devour
Carcass remains
Victim lies there dead

Born to bring terror about
Deranged psychopath bred to be further apart
Deranged psychopath

I can't control myself
Born deranged
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Deranged Psychopath Lyrics

Crackdust – Deranged Psychopath Lyrics