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On My Dick Lyrics

Copywrite – On My Dick Lyrics

It's copyright! Not the type to borrow I'm scheming
Shut the fuck up and listen to the following meaning
A role model for those willing to follow a demon
of one night stands of hoes willing to swallow my semen
O.H. ten. Where the fuck y'all at?
Now say 'Fuck you Copy!' "Fuck you Copy!!", motherfuck y'all back
want to shoot me 'cause I called your man wack
But you bear no arms, therefore can't clap
Better respect your boss and accept the loss
That I.Q. rock sets metal detectors off
You got juice? That's pulp fiction
Pick up your girl and get brain in the car like Jules and Vincent
Too fatal, unable to crash
Sluts I introduce to anal call me a pain in the ass
Buy a drink for a bitch that I think I'm a hit
Then I finger fuck her. If my finger stinks, I'm a split!

Bitch! Dance to my shit!
Shake that ass slut! Get that ass up!
Bitch! Dance to my shit!
Shake that ass like a ho! Act like you know! Come on!
Bitch! Dance to my shit!
If you don't suck my dick in the club
You won't get in the club! I said
Bitch! Dance to this
Hands in my pants on my dick!

My crew don't give two fucks on the scene to ball
Twenty deep and two bucks between us all
We ain't come to dance we came to see you brawl
And while y'all fighting I'm taking your chains keys and all
Hoes glance, no romance. We stick cock in 'em
Slow dance with hoes strictly to pick pocket 'em
y'all bought the bar out, but can't be drunk
'cause I pissed in your brandy while y'all was dancing to, Ante Up
That ain't Cris y'all drinking
It's piss y'all drinking
That's why you're bitch all stinking
Megahertz profile on the low while you got no style
You ain't hostile. You HOE style
All up in the V.I.P. trying to pop Cris
Meanwhile your fiancee got her face where my crotch is
Watch this. Pull out a twenty, she's topless
No telling what the bitch'll do when I empty my pockets
Trying to get her in the Hyatt to stick
If she ain't giving me pussy, I ain't buying her shit
Push the tired bitch from the driver's side of my whip
Jerk off. When I see my crew, lie on my dick. Come on


Six foot four. Skinny white kid your bitch looks for
Not 'cause I'm rich but because my dick won't fit through doors
Fuck tipping a bartender. Let a bigger rap star enter
I'll key his paint job and dent his car fender
Give me a straight shot of the strongest shit in the house
Sit in the couch say "AHH" take this dick in your mouth
What's all the bitching about?
My mission's every bitch in sight is stripping 'em
I'm gripping your tits and ripping 'em out
And fuck security. They don't worry me
Drinks on the house with counterfeit currency
I'm high but twenty gun packing. Nun slapping
Oh, you ran out of liquor? Better run back in
Champ war. Bending over sluts with their pants tore
But can't score since I'm throwing up on the dance floor
My mans tore the club up. Trife as fuck
Tomorrow night we'll do it again, but twice as drunk
Come on

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