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Holier Than Thou Lyrics

Copywrite – Holier Than Thou Lyrics

Yo, yo, yo

After opening my flux channel many entered and left
Confiscating any and every measure of depth
(1) if you a DJ
(2) if you a biter
(3) if you incomplete don't compete with Pete in the cypher
(4) if you an MC
(5) if you a writer
(6) if you a groupie spread your ass cheeks a little wider
Damn right, holier than thou
You will obey these commandments and respond only when allowed

[Verse 1]
For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten male
I fell from heaven, bypassed earth and stopped at hell
Your plots will fail to stop the Lord
That's harder to pull off than censors on clothes at department stores
You prove your nicer than me, I'll give my soul to you
Allow your strength to increase, then take control of you
You battle me and win.. Christ pulled a cruel joke on you
We'll fry your atoms, cremate you and dispose of you
You're at a point where you've got no options left
With the slightest of ease I'll stop your breath
Interrupt your fun once we abduct your son
Since you use ten percent to think, use your remaining ninety to duck and run
Neutrons rush to rust those platinum, plutonium gold speak only when told
I total eclipse phonies that hold mics, your only a myth
I own the abyss, low and behold
I blessed you.. you owe me your soul, I rock forever
Leavin your train of thought off track like an a capella
And if your who claims to be what's next shit
Then I'm your fiber diet that has yet to be digested
You're drenched in fear when the veterans near
Never dropped science in your life, except in your freshman year
Your ack for lack of a worse word
I'ma do you a favor.. reunite you back with the earth's dirt


[Verse 2]
You won't escape the wrath, can't spit a verse to fade us
Cause y'all be fakin +Jacks+ like +Nicholson+ impersonators
You rhyme bland, two sense you fail to make
So bring a nine man crew.. after I chew you, they'll be ate/eight
We both ain't shit in this game of ruckus.. but here's the difference
You ain't shit and I ain't shit you want to fuck with
You must want to get tossed, the most dominate
Wack crews are straight.. dumb motherfuckers I got a problem with
Remain anonymous.. the weak speak and die
and I was rhymin with my mouth shut if you left the scene alive
Lame teams brains are fried
when I come off the top, like I chose to commit suicide, then changed my mind
The sun I've trained to rise and set
when better atoms are spliced correct
which explains Alaska's weather patterns
Drop hot lines to scold you
I'm at the point at my life where mach 5 is old school
You god damn right, too deep to calculate
It took a while to drop the fat shit, sorry about the weight
I bet it takes practicin and hardship
for you to clutch the mic and spit some fascinating garbage
You biters stop tryin to rock
You stayed off beat so long, I mistook you for a retired cop
You're trapped in the atmosphere I created
You black out.. wake up and discover that I've evaded
I want you to aim wrong remain strong
Although its hard to stay calm when your face is laced with napalm
When it's rip time you need to praise us
You ain't met a man yet that spits strychnine and pisses razors

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