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Volume II Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Volume II Lyrics

[Verse One: Chuck Inglish]
It's a brand new year homes
Goodyears roll
Backwards, if I put it in gear, forward
This year imma put it in your ear, though
We the illest since measles, mumps
Bump this with the windows down
Cool Kids new shit finna get that now
This shit right here? I picked this out
Seen it in the window like n*gga get this now

Look nice don't it? The sticker price on it
Is a couple numbers more than what I'm gettin it for
That's cool, froze, caught me a cold
Selling beach t-shirts when it's ten below
Gotta get this down gotta put that on
Get [?] [...?] Up in this corner
Cornerback Eric Metcalf
Cadillac Caddyshack in the '84 Tigers [?]

[Verse Two: Mikey Rocks]
Young peppers remember us as top of the line
Pelle coat leather, eat a steak grilled from Weber
Whenever the freaks come out at night
I pull the sneaks out
These Nikes come out in like a couple weeks now

I see clouds and I gotta go in the house
Drop of rain on that suede and I'm throwing 'em out
Same plays and day-to-day things throwing me off
Throwing parties on top of the building
Who got [?] in the brown bag, fur hats in the winter
Lever 2000, what's cleaner than that?
What's the problem?
What's the dealio?
In the Beretta with the inside cereal
Outside milk
Don't be crying when I'm spinning through the lanes
Ceiling fans ain't feeling the same
Got the top down, bass up loud
Wind blowing, Going
Too fast made old folks mad

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