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Broadcasting Live Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Broadcasting Live Lyrics

I can't never say never in my life
Light is in the sky and we put 'em up high
The Pistons got the eighth seed in the east might not be all year
But at least we in there
Back to whatever I was 'bout to say
I woke up out of bed and I wash my face
Brush my teeth my routine
I do the same thing all week, know what I mean
Take the day off at the beach
Sunbathing with the ladies
While I'm rolling up trees
Volleyball tops off
Nuttin but a g thang
She like 'Did you get my message
Chuck I called you last week?'
Nah relax though
In fact though
Kick back yo we chillin
You know who it is top billin in the building
A zillion, and I know you see us
We was overseas getting thru with work visas
The top ten adidas and the DMC jumper
The way I lace the laces up make 'em look dumber
Colder than a cherry shaved ice in the summer
I need a couple twenties break change for this hundred

[Hook x2]
And they say
You can't do it till we do it
We did it and now they play our jams when they get 'em
Like 1-2 check it my mic sound nice
Broadcasting live from wherever we drive

I was a good at double-dribble, duck hunt and mario three
But fuck paperboy paper wasn't usually seen
And poof came the genie
Roof through the houdini on the barrel a lebron james
Came on tv
I'm stuck starin'
Promoting niggas ain't carin'
Wearin' down a karen an original cool G
The live it's the shit you only see in the movies
Live all in your area
Cherry wood furniture
Polish apologize
For me being so stylish
Didn't do college but I like the girls
Couldn't sing r&b cuz I ain't want no girl to be styling and profiling
You playing J and down on these burns
And my main concern, we turn nights into AM
The seats at the playoffs
Can't when we can
And you must know Reg
Tell him hit me on my line
Before I call it a night

[Hook x2]

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