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I'm A Deadman Walking Lyrics

Conejo – I'm A Deadman Walking Lyrics

Hey ven turn me up my headphones
Simon that right there
You must be out your mothafuckin mind thinkin u can get me out the game u fus can't touch my flow

Nine mothafuckers con clip UGs
That C O N he from the 213
Give me the mike punk before I feature some lead
I threw your bitch in the limo and she gave me some head
crime saga youll be dead by tomorrow
the last samarai stretched forward his tanas
why tough?! out that chemical dust
decapacate your crew its the hula caust
the seven headed dragon came up from his seat
this new world order is all i see
click here dawg so i can show you my sight
thats king felt of crime in the city i confined
evil spirits travel through me i done like four
when mothafuckers wanna bang i breakout war
if one of us goes down several hoods get hit
ama show them mothafuckers how i do this shit

I'm a deadman walking that's what they say about me
I spit that deal runnin from killing some Gs
I squeze it's motha dope on the scene
Mothafuckers ain't know that I hide them Ki's
Walking deadman and can't pull it them toys
G rabbe from the H enemies paranoid
I might sqeeze at your album release
You should done somethin before I decease

It's thee abiss evil plans of thought
Reappear like a phantom murder on the spot
Your homeboy killed that's to this month
I caught his ass slippin so I smoked the punk
I was covered in blood and am guilty of sin
When mothafuckers wanna bang is when the war begins
Serve cold so they can rest in peace
Ese wack mothafuckers on them LA streets
Graystone like the skull and bones
Ese this a dedication to them Gs that's gone
Don't trip dawg we gonna hold it down
Grab lokote from his neck and put his face in the ground
I said the sumption of death in this game of death
I ain't acept the words straight from my chest
I ain't expell your ass from the LA streets
You in the bottomless pit some WestSide HARPYS shit

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