Four horsemen arrived at the doorstep, each with a bucket of beer
"Take it easy" one said "We've come in peace"
"Relax you have nothing to fear"

The prophets of old came to join them and sat around banging the drum
It's a noise that's annoying to many but heavenly music to some

I went out for some air and when I returned, I found they had bolted the door
"You've shut me out of my own house" I screamed, "What've you done that for?"

Three angels approached playing trumpets
Apparently they were drunk
They bound me up in shackles and chains and shipped me away in a trunk

I awoke in a strange land where they spoke in some foreign tongue
The men there had bodies like dragons and the women were furry, like lambs
For 40 long years there I wandered
A pilgrim with nowhere to go
'Til I found myself back in my homeland and knocking upon my own door

The horsemen all answered together
Each with his mount and his whip
"Come right in, you must be tired"
"Tell us about your trip"
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Four Horsemen Lyrics

Colorblind James Experience – Four Horsemen Lyrics