The wedding party had just begun
People getting lose and having fun
'Til Mary overheard the father of the bride
In a panic 'cause they had run out of wine

Mary said, "Son, they have no wine"
Mary said, "Son, they have no wine"
He said, "I can't help that Mom, it's not my time"
Mary said, "Son, they have no wine"

Mary told the waiter, "Do what he tells you
Take what he gives you and buy what he sells you
Listen to him once and listen to him twice
Don't ignore any of his advice"

Well, even Jesus was smiling now
He always liked to help out anyhow
He said, "I'll need seven buckets, all in a row
All of 'em filled with H2o"

The waiter was gone for ten minutes or so
And then he came back, just like he was told
He said, "Here's your seven buckets, all in line"
Jesus said, "That's not water, it's wine"

Just then a man walked by with a frown on his face
Saying, "Suppose that I might have a taste?"
Mary winked and said she thought he could
So he drank a cup and said, "Boy, that's good"
He said, "Most people serve the good wine first
And as the night wears on, the wine gets worse
But you certainly have shown a lot of class
You've saved the best wine for last"

Jesus told the waiter, "Don't say a word
About what you've seen and what you've heard"
The waiter agreed and he tried hard too
By the very next day, the whole town knew
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Wedding At Cana Lyrics

Colorblind James Experience – Wedding At Cana Lyrics