If I could only change your mind,
If I could make you feel ok,
Right Away...
If I could somehow make these words
Paint a different story
Right Away....

I see how pain has grown so fast, that I can hardly keep on track,
Looking up to see the face... The face that took me away.
Cause in between the open hearts, and memories I've tried to spark,
Grasp me up and take me in, your heart is where I fell in.

To wonder how the words can hide
With drying tears, you've been up all night.
I don't know exactly how I'm supposed to feel.

Another week has past, but I still think your coming back.
My silent phone can't stand to see me.
Drive around my broken town, I see the truth but can't figure it out.
Why must the truth be without me? I guess I see what you mean.

I can't move on.
It's hard enough for me to understand
Another night alone so wide wake
When I found it's not too late.

In my mind, I see, I see what you mean.
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Right Away Lyrics

Codename: Rocky – Right Away Lyrics