The more I think about you the more I find;
In all the worst ways.
Sometimes trust might seem sincere.
Build me up it seems so clear.
Shrouded in self doubt again,
It seems to be an overwhelming dream.
Break from this soon before I slip away, I slip away.

Could this be, be what I need?
Takes me time, but slowly I see
When everyone is always trying to change my mind.

All of you who beg my change,
I say to them I won't.
It's hard for you to understand I stand-alone.
My hearts my gift in hand,
So use it.
Wake up to speak your side!
Blinding words can't take effect
If you keep those eyes open wide.

You can't change my mind.
You can't change my mind.
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My Heart In Hand Lyrics

Codename: Rocky – My Heart In Hand Lyrics