The red priest is giving me some pills,
Tonight we're climbing higher than ever,
Into your glass eyes.
Landfill breastmilk beast.

In the valley of lamps, Everyone's breaking their teeth,
The Cocaine wizard grinning, For us there is not sleep,
The inspiration comes from the ground.
When the sun came up we were coming down.

Stoned man the one who never sees the end,
The Armed wolves are pushing through your head.
Chewing at the spiral of flames between your legs,
I want this, this is why I have come.

Retarded children dance for the vomiting puppet,
Pull the mouth from your face to fuck it,
The floating statues dance for the vomiting children,
My windows are yellow, My bed smells like sin,
Eyelash and scourge the tears are going to come,
The air is filling with breathing and rum.
I smell you in my shit, on my pillow,
In the sand in the air, In the breath of whores.

I see animals on the horizon,
Ether flowers, stolen dramamine,
Kerosene, Dopamine, occasional codeine.
Suck the dead skin off your lips with me,
Bloated with your homesick pets,
Silhouettes of pregnant insects.

Sneak out of your skin with me,
I want this thing out of my body.
I raped your mind,
While you were sleeping.
Now shut up and swallow me.
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Pregnant Insect Lyrics

Cobalt – Pregnant Insect Lyrics