When serpents return,
Sing nothing with a cut off tongue,
And curse me,
Into the moment at hand.
With your false love,
See the sky turn slower,
Drink honey and drown
As stars reappear.

I see fire,
Somewhere ancient wheels are turning,
Antlers incense burning,
Listen to it's humming.
Speck of ocean, forgotten tide.
The serpents are alive.

The blood believes!

Cut the tongue, steal the life,
Pull it's roots from deep inside.
Pull it's roots from deep inside.
Path of recluse deep inside,

Paper finger burns waving
Children I never had are crying.

The salt of undrinkable seas,
Calls those whose insides bleed.

Whales fuck and call for me,
All eyes of stone are on the trees,
Cut the tongue, feel the phone.
When serpents returned I was alone.
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When Serpents Return Lyrics

Cobalt – When Serpents Return Lyrics