Courage in adversity abandoned in the sanctuary of
Desolation, forces of liberty re-assembled tattered
Armies. Bloodied, bowed but undefeated. Here hung
The last hope of the few... Warriors of the wasteland!

A thousand years the war raged on,
A world in tears the sun has gone.
So cold and lonely in this desert land,
A warrior waits for the last command.
The last command,
The last command... Oh yeah!

Warrior of the wasteland,
Tomorrow belongs to me.
Abandoned soldier of fortune,
Mutant eyed mercenary.

Take no prisoners,
Guardian of the plain.
Sole survivor,
Till the orders remain.
Warrior of the wasteland!

Outpost scavenger city,
Home to rats and debris.
I bring law to the dessert,
I keep the frontier free.


The war raged on,
The sun has gone.
I'll take your life,
You'll never survive in the Wasteland.
In the Wasteland!
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Warrior Of The Wasteland Lyrics

Cloven Hoof – Warrior Of The Wasteland Lyrics