The Devils own creation so we came,
Forged of sea, rock, thunderbolt and flame.
Lords of fire, water, earth and air,
Disciples of the cloven hoof we bear...

Power to pulverize a planet,
Elementals personified.
Hand of iron, heart of granite,
We'll burn the world and turn the tides.

Global domination our goal,
We're taking over your thought control.
We'll blast your mind and your soul,
With thermo nuclear rock n' roll.

Cause were heavy metal...
Men of steel!
Were heavy metal...
Men of steel!
Heavy metal men of,
Heavy metal made of,
Heavy metal men of steel!

Metamorphisized in a mystical charade,
Man into immortal we were made.
Metallic masters wielding mega watt might,
Super human entities larger than life...

From netherworlds,
To atlantian kingdoms.
Barren wastes cities in the sky.
Dark rulers of the third dimension,
Making music that will never die.

Heavy metal men of steel walk the Earth!
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Heavy Metal Men Of Steel Lyrics

Cloven Hoof – Heavy Metal Men Of Steel Lyrics