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Language Barrier Lyrics

Citizen Fish – Language Barrier Lyrics

You know nothing will ever get solved
If you feel you shouldn't get involved
Claiming ignorance of what to say
Or how to say it the 'proper' way
Well you're nodding your head but building walls
By keeping your thoughts invisible
And blaming ignorance from everyone else
For leaving you stranded by yourself
Well they presumed that your happy like that
If you dropped the scowl you'd be in for a chat
Maybe - it's as simple as what they see
And they can see a lot

So don't point the finger till you shaken the hand
Get to know to way these people understand
From strangers at a party - Who's that over there?
To those in a different country where the language makes you scared

If you're in a solo situation
Face to unknown face
Start a walking conversation
And then increase the pace
The walls get built by silence
But are easily replaced
Cos in every style of language
It is easy to relate
And a smile or open signal
Can lay the barriers to waste

Pack a few less self-images
And make it less of an ego trip
And the distance will be nothing
Between visitor and visited
Words used such as 'strangers'
Make us sink in hesitation
But the language of intention
Speaks out loud in all directions
Once you've cleared your inner fears
You can carry on for years!
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