You've got angels in your lungs
I can taste their angel breath
I can hear their angel wings
Inside the orbit of your breast

And I have traced the silver line
That connects your heart to mine
I shiver as it shimmers
I shudder as it shines

And there is telepathy
Between lovers' hearts and all ships at sea
Don't you know that I know what you're thinking?
Lover, once we were living the dream
Where I'd drown in you and you'd drown in me
But now it seems I'm the only one who's sinking

Because you've got oceans in your eyes
And your hips control the tides
But you've been poisoned by the promise
Of another lover's lies

So I will test the silver line
That connects your heart to mine
And I pray that it will always
Bring you back to me in time
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The Silver Line Lyrics

Chris Mills – The Silver Line Lyrics

Songwriters: Christopher Rowland Mills
The Silver Line lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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