Pulling up the floorboards
Looking for a new start
Trying to find that buried heart
Clawing at the windows
Haunted by the blood flow
I'm trapped in a trap
You're trying to make contact
There's just some things that nobody knows

Gonna take the A train
I wanna take it downtown
See if anyone's around
Have a drink or two
Trying hard to forget about you
My friends think I'm stupid
Never had to live through what you did
There's just some things that nobody knows

Bitter taste of you on my tongue
Coughing, keeping me up until dawn
But I'll never have to deny it
Because I know
You're keeping quiet
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Floorboards Lyrics

Chris Mills – Floorboards Lyrics

Songwriters: Christopher Rowland Mills
Floorboards lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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