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Meance II Society Lyrics

Chief Keef – Meance II Society Lyrics

Chief's O-Dog and I'm Caine
My young niggas they sniff cane
Them fuck niggas they so lame
Still on the bitch and I'm in the game
In my side that I be a menace
I contribute to all the killin's
In '08 I lost my feelin's
And them mothafuckas is still missin'
Its Sin City to that O block
Kill zone to that Chiraq
Gotta get on niggas gon knock em down
And best believe Ima double back
I been turnt up since a lil nigga
No alcohol no pills nigga
I do this shit forreal nigga
My circle full of them real niggas
Show true to my religion
Disrespect that guns get to clappin'
Get good with them [?]
If a young nigga don't make a wrap
No he say no she say bitch everyday be a payday
Shouts out my lil brotha JayBay I just gave him that new k
Team of shooters on my side they in the house and we outside
Seminary where I reside seminary where I'mma die
Yeah bitch I been a menace
Me Dre Freddy Robert Willy Dennis
Free Dane and free Mall free bands
Bitch I'm at the mall it's Philthy

I got my 40 with the 30 cocked up shootin' broad day(Bang Bang)
I'm walkin' in yo buildin' shootin' up yo hallway
Bitch I'm a menace to society what the judge just told me
And I don't fuck with y'all boy all I smoke is OJ
We got fs and macs and techs we got AKs with the drums(Bang Bang)
And all of y'all just in my hood are playin' with guns (Bang Bang)
We ride by like it's a drive by my boys sprayin' for fun
And yo ass gon be dead so there ain't no sayin' you won
And I got a 100 shots and bitch I'm darin you run
I call the shots let off some shots they tearin' you up
I'm tired of fannin' niggas down I'mma start fannin' em up
We some savages and your life is a gamble with us
We let off Glocks and choppa shots boy don't get rained on
Them hollow tips gon follow him he best of lay low
'Cause if he disrespect my set ho the boy got a halo
'Cause if he disrespect my set ho the boy got a halo
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