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Fishin' Lyrics

Chief Keef – Fishin' Lyrics

Nigga I ain't fearin I got my pistol
Lucky that mothafucka love ain't
Let me hit you or get you!

You wanna fuck with the kid
Wanna know where I live
But I'm walkin round with the six
I'ma get your ass up outta here
Boy I don't fuck with the pigs
Them bitches, I'm sick
I'm the homie shot that fish
And I catch big fish and I'm fishin'
Tryna bring the bricks in, let them bitches see it
Found out a nigga fuckin' with my bricks
You gon' get two to the shit
Found out a nigga fuckin' my bitch
I don't give two fucks or shit
Ridin' foreign cars, nigga you won't pull past this shit

[Verse 1]
Fuck nigga, I done paid 22 for some kicks
Fuck nigga, I done paid 22 for the wrist
Fade 50 for the chain, 50 for the chain, bling
Walk in, all the bitches better know my name
Almighty So, Chief So, shit ain't changed
Niggas think I changed cause I got me a little change
Smokin' on this fuck nigga tooka till I can't feel my brain
Like Tony Hawk bitch this Sosa no it ain't Lil Wayne
Bitch I'm Flocka with the flames
MJ with the fade away
Bitch I'm Ballout with the bricks
Cause I done had 50 bricks on my mothafuckin' wrist
So I'm Sosa Escobar, Pablo
And I'm coolin with my vatos, eatin tacos
Look at a brain dead bitch, I'm like paco


[Verse 2]
No one on the corner got a swagger like me, I'm big flee
Fresh Giuseppe's up on the concrete, at a Fe Fe
Remember on the corner with a jacket slangin D
And slangin that C to every fuckin fiend
Every junkie, even police
Niggas know not to run up on Chief Sosa
Cause he got that heat and he gon' let it breathe
I know he talkin' but I'm gon' let you see
When the pistol come up what the uppercut mean
Baby I don't listen to nothin' but me
Baby I don't be gettin nothin' but G's but I'm a G
Got a Jesus piece, know that I fuck with Jesus
She see my neck and freezes
Cause I look like I been in the freezer

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