I'm sorry that I drifted off from you
While you were talking
I guess I seem to do it all the time
When I'm with you
Don't you know you carry me away
When I listen to the things you say
To me
I know sometimes you think I'm just a child
Who needs some learning
But you don't understand that in my heart
I look to you
You don't know the way I feel inside
I would tell you but I can't describe myself to you
I don't know why
You play music to me
And I melt away
It just feels so good to be with you
I guess I better go it's getting late
You must be tired
It always seems the time I spend with you
Goes much too fast
What a lovely way to round a bend
It's to bad it always has to end
Good night my friend.
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Myself To You Lyrics

Chi Coltrane – Myself To You Lyrics