Chi Coltrane
Are you afraid of me baby;
A little girl like me baby?
Why can't you talk straight, and tell the truth?
Can't you take some sorrow,
If I'll be gone tomorrow?
I'm westward bound--
I'm westward bound
I'm walkin' down the road with the sunshine on my hair
Life is really something I can feel it everywhere
Well, I guess it's been sometime since I got high on breathin' air
Without a care--without a care
I don't know where I'm goin' I'm just heading toward the sun.
I feel so good it seems as if my life has just begun,
I don't know why I took so long to do what must be done;
It's Goodbye John--
Goodbye John--
I guess that I've been hurt and yet I'm making out okay
I feel a little wiser for the price I had to pay
And I never cared for obligations anyway.
Farewell my babe...
Farewell my babe...
Well, is it too much to ask someone to level honestly?
Is it like a friend to lie to you as if you cannot see?
Well, now that's not my idea of what love should really be;
I'm glad I'm free,
So glad I'm free.
I still have me,
And Lord, I'm so glad I'm free.
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I Will Not Dance Lyrics

Chi Coltrane – I Will Not Dance Lyrics