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Red Satin Dress Lyrics

Cherryholmes – Red Satin Dress Lyrics

Five lonely days when I rode into town
Down from the mines to lay some money down
Stopped at a tavern they called "The Sweet Princess"
There I met the girl in the red satin dress

Her gown shimmered scarlet as she walked across the room
I could see her soft skin and smell her sweet perfume
Her eyes flashed with lightning, she beckoned with a glance
My life might be in danger, I thought I'd take a chance

Hair black as a raven and eyes full of fire
Voice soft as a whisper filled me with desire
Captured by her charm, like a man possessed
I fell for the girl in the red satin dress

I crept to a room at the top of the stairs
I could smell her perfume, I knew she was there
But when I stepped inside I faced another man
She came from behind, my knife was in her hand

I don't know what happened, my head was spinnin' 'round
I heard a soft voice whisper and stumbled to the ground
I saw a man lyin' , my knife deep in his chest
And gone was the girl in the red satin dress

Standin' in the courtroom, starin' at each face
Lookin' there for mercy, but can't find a trace
They don't believe my story, time's run out I guess
No one's seen a girl in a red satin dress

It's a long, long walk to the top of the stairs
At the top I'll stretch a rope and nobody cares
There's no one here to mourn when they lay me down to rest
All for the girl in the red satin dress

Don't fall for the girl in the red satin dress
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