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Idle Minds Lyrics

Cherryholmes – Idle Minds Lyrics

Will somebody hear me out
Listen to what I have to say
I speak about a secret crime
That happens day to day

He comes upon us from behind
And right before us, boldy walks
He searches for the idle minds
And whispers evil thoughts

He's not a thing that you can see
Although he plays before our eyes
He's watching over you and me
His presence is denied

Be wary of your idle mind
The Devil's waiting
He's been around since time began
And strolls among our midst with ease

I've seen him turn the best of men
And bring them to their knees
He ever lingers by our side
And works around us, blending in

In many men, he'll try to hide
And say he is a friend


If you're letting your heart wander
Be assured he'll take you on
He will try to tear you under
Tell you that all hope is gone

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