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We Made It Lyrics

Chaz French – We Made It Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I been waiting all my life
Yeah, no more trying to decide
Yeah, it’s been this way for a while
Yeah, I’m no longer in denial
Never been down this road before
Yeah, I made it this far alone
No thoughts of selling my soul, my soul
I kicked down every closed door, closed door

They said no, we said now
We made it some how
Through the ups and the downs
Cliche as that may sound

We made it
We made it somehow
No more turning back now
Made it all worth the while
We made it, we made it somehow (x2)
Somehow, we made it somehow
We made it, we made it somehow

[Verse 2]
And I remember back when, yeah back then when I almost gave up on this rap shit
Tired of dreaming of having it and not having it man I done had enough
I’m a daddy now man this shit for real and I’ll be damned if she go through the shit I did
God forbid no place to live cause your family don’t support what you do
And you ain’t trying to get a 9 to 5 cause your driving pride won’t let you do it
It’s all temporary, you so close to it nigga don’t lose it
Since jesse died I ain’t been the same , not long ago I just talked to him
He said bro when you make it big can you promise me that you’lll never change
I remember that like it was yesterday said he was done gang banging
Had a new born he was dream chasing, it was paying off I was proud of him
Always talked about doing big things, a hood nigga rich dreams
Never doubted him being the one to do it, just so caught up in this cold world
Like a week later my phone rang 6am November, 21
Telling me that my nigga gone this can’t be right, this can’t be life
It’s all wrong still can’t believe but I still feel you
Yeah said I still hear you, I feel empty, I feel guilty I can’t lie
You did the right shit for the right reasons, don’t nobody care
And when you need help from the ones you helped out ain’t nobody there
Yeah I ain’t complaining dog i’m just being real you know life ain’t fair
I’m just telling niggas you better be prepared for the worst I swear
They say I’m losing it, I can’t hold my liquor and I party too much that ain’t got shit to do with it
It’s a lot going on in my personal opinion they don’t know what to do with me
Said my fam gave up said I’m way too much no time for the foolishness lord
Let go of me lucifer lord
Look, back to my ways like back to the days when I would smoke newports and ride through the tre
Talking to Kris about how we gon change for me maintaining was never the aim
Then we would laugh about how Keith put us out, start living with roaches we went on a drought
Niggas was hurting was hungry for real
I was a warrent away from the jail
Almost lost my brother to power of pussy and spent all my money on liquor and Nell
Damn I held that shit down, but she got a son now
And my love is nowhere to be found but if I got it she got it somehow
I just found peace knowing I did it better
I pray that these feelings don't haunt her forever, I...swear
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