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100 Lyrics

Chaz French – 100 Lyrics

[Intro: Chaz French]

Yo Yo (mmmm)
Ohhhh keep it 100 with yourself young man (yup)
At all times (ohhh)
Keep it 100

Said keep it 100 with yourself young nigga, at all times

[Verse 1: Chaz French]

In the back of my mind I always knew that I could do it
All it took was a car
Staying true to how I'm moving
A matter of time
Co-signs from Rick Ruben
And my head in the sky
Got my feet on the ground
Got my hands on my nuts
Middle finger to the law
Don't need no condoms at all
I don't give a fuck about y'all
I got mouths to feed
My baby momma set it off
Gotta get it by any means
A 'Rebel With A Cause'
I do not lose neither win or I learn
Do not dwell on the past
That is not my concern
Did not take that much heat
All these bridges I burn
All the mistakes that I made
All the blessings I earned


You don't know the struggle young nigga
Lil pussy ass nigga
What you know about the struggle young nigga?
Lil bitch ass nigga

Better keep it 100 with yourself young man (better keep it 100)
Be-better keep it 100 with yourself you man
At all times

[Verse 2: Eddie Vanz]

Said all I know is sipping liquor
All I know is petty bitches talking shit until the see you making moves
I ain't got too many niggas
Cause all they do is envy
And Charlamagne I'm Tha God if you ain't knew it
You get 'Donkey of the Day' boy
I'm the man fuck the media (?)


I said fuck it, it's getting better
We live like it's now or never
I fuck them, my tribulations get hit up I try deliver
They see that we didn't close it
That must make the pussy wetter
I just caught a body off the verse I put on Primavera
We live the life with no palm and no guidance
Just passion, and purpose, hard work and appliance
No need for this geeking 'bout diamonds your highness
They knows that boy sleeping, woke up from the Itis
We here

I always knew it'd be like this when I was at the bottom
Niggas saying I changed, I promise I ain't forgot 'em
The ones I would die for I'm learning how to live without 'em
Funny how they doubted when we had the most problems
Bitch niggas tryna tell me what I won't do
Fake bitches try tell me who I won't fuck
Now they fienden for the semen
Ain't no speakin when we see em
Willie beaming if you bout to go and throw it up, Naw
I do not fuck with you niggas on God
Put that on mama put that on my squad
Most of you fictional, phony or fraud
Did this for Jesse, forever my dogg
Swear man it should have been me in that car
But we came from nothing, look how we evolved
Yah, Look how we evolved
We came from nothing but hold your applause

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