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GFV Lyrics

Chaz French – GFV Lyrics

Verse 1:
Uh, Growing up I knew I had to be somebody
I knew I had to be somebody
I knew I had to be better than anybody that ever doubted
And said I wouldn't amount to nothing
Because of all my problems
Because of what my dreams was (was)
Said we all had dreams, cuz (cuz)
When the lights was off, I knew my ideas
Was bright enough to keep me going
And I won't stop for anybody, body
If you ever want to be somebody, don't depend on anybody
Especially these bitches 'cause I swear these hoes for everybody
Every nigga fuck her, she just love me cause I am somebody (body)
Young nigga at the top with it (top with it)
Everybody like how could he not get it? (not get it)
Spilling cheap liquor all on (?) now, yeah
As if we don't rock Givenchy now
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