I watch a film
And hear you in the leading female
I play a song
And see your face in every detail

I respond to
Romantic mysteries
I am drawn to
Our future histories

A carnival
Where I am juggling knives and fire
I'm losing step
And she's the net for my high wire

She came in dreams
And she haunted, hugged and kissed my pain away
She came in waves
Washing off the blood from all those bitter days

On the left
Laying, I can see her every secret
Roll to my right
Hell, I love the night but I can't keep it

But I can dream
Looking forward to the sheets
It's where we meet
In my imaginary scenes

Don't say i'm crazy
Don't say that i'm to blame
Don't say she's dead and
Don't say she never came

She came in dreams
And we spent the day just talking on the floor
She came in waves
And she drowned my tears, don't cry those anymore
She came in fire
And when I woke my passion burned just like before
She came for me
I'm still alone, but i'm not lonely anymore

She came in dreams
(you're asleep son)
But now I am awake
(wake up)
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She Came In Dreams Lyrics

Chancellorpink – She Came In Dreams Lyrics