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You'll Like Me Lyrics

Chancellorpink – You'll Like Me Lyrics

The shortest distance between you and I
Is my heart
Straight lines are for the scientists
Who don't know art

And all the cynics and the therapists agree
Five out of five of you
Will never like me

(you'll like me)
I can fill your bathtub with balloons
(you'll like me)
I can fill your heart with pretty tunes
(you'll like me)
When you're blue i'll swallow all your tears
(you'll like me)
I can chase your demons and your fears
Far away

If there's one secret weapon in this world
It is love
For you, of that I'm well supplied
So join the winning side

(you'll like me)

I can sing the colors that you feel
(you'll like me)
I can find your soul and break the seal
(you'll like me)
And break your fever when you have the flu
(you'll like me)
I look better up close than I do
Far away
So far away

You take your time
Deciding where you want to be
I'm standing over here
Hey - you'll like me
Trust me, you'll like me

(you'll like me)
Run away from all those poser nerds

(you'll like me)
Let me build a castle of your words
(you'll like me)
I could teach you everything I know
(you'll like me)
But how'm I s'posed to help you when you're so
Far away
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