I've stripped the walls to white
The floors to wood
And all to right this room here
With chancellor pink

It's on the ceiling
To look up is appealing
At the skyline of chancellor pink

Each guest is shadowed
By my keen and silent marrow
As I spy their mood to question what they think
And spray the air with chancellor pink

Paint me down

You have your days planned
And you burn them in the waste land
Under brown fog of another winter's drought

But I'm on fire
And I'm spinning in a gyre
With the color of a life that let's you out

And if we must be subject
To a certain stately object
Then I must submit to chancellor pink
I must admit to chancellor pink

Paint me down

And I'm just knowing
That my room will soon be growing
'til the whole house is chancellor pink
'til the whole world is chancellor pink

Paint me down
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Chancellor Pink Lyrics

Chancellorpink – Chancellor Pink Lyrics