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Perception Lyrics

Ces Cru – Perception Lyrics

For sure, you know we came up alone
And now we’ve grown, I pay up, I was a straight up unknown
Now I’m blown, my name is my own way of a stone.
Super gravy, dude, I’m ready for every state in my zone player
Haters atorn, you’re rapping grave on my bones,
Y’all can fade to black, came at me backstage of the show
Homie praying to sly me a demo and find a way in
I’m trying to find a way with myself and he violate it.
I’ve been waiting for years, I’ve been sleeping in hibernation,
I’m awakened, they’re finally feeling my vibration.
They never could find the patience, they’re wasting the time escaping
Now my google find replace will consume the entire nation,
I’m moving around and around and it sound confusing,
And illusion it’s all that the life is and there’s nothing to it.
I’ll prove it with cubics and cone and now we’ve grown into a diamond
So what the fuck have you been doing, being human.
They say that to see it is to believe it,
If I can show it to you know that you will never leave it.
So keep it a secret between us, no one can see us,
I pray that one day they leave us and peace in the world free us, I need us.

No matter what they see, better know what that can be,
Whatever they believe it’s true.
And I don’t need to preach, but no matter how I scream
Nobody believes you.
No matter what they see they will know what came to be
Whatever they believe it’s true
And I don’t mean to preach, but no matter how I scream
Nobody believes you.

The limelight is a motherfucker,
I’m staring at it back in amaze,
Never get in the game, feeling like I’m trapped in a maze
All these rappers keep rapping at me, the one that been with that.
You’d think that with all the attention that a nigger be happy.
I am kind of sorta, sort of a different kind,
The villain is killing or even ill I’m still on the grind.
But I’m motivated by, the vision is in the strange,
Gotta know the half of what was doing in was dang.
We’re doing the damn thing, screw you if you can’t hang,
And the rest of y’all who wanna came real in the campaign
My MC pilling them to the new millennium, killing them,
Hotter than R chain is hard if I ain’t swilling them
Tipping them back, digging them with a pick in the ax,
It’s Reggie B and Lennie D, bitches get with the track
The killer city committee, loaded clip up and clap.
We body in everybody and blowing shit out the map, cause


Songs in the key of life and life is all perception,
Believe in what you will while I keep this all connected.
They checking out, I kept a Peter Parker present.
They’re hating the way that I’m beaming, saying I need a darker message.
The art of seduction, art of deception,
Arm yourself with an weapon, at a war, karma lessing
Step inside of the ring, throwing jack shadow box
Prepare for the real, you never know that will pop now.
What am I out about, at them y’all
Put me into a peer and quit to find a ladder out.
No matter what they say they don’t know what to say to me.
No matter what they see they don’t know what came to be.
I’m on that R. Kelly, I believe I can fly,
Pissing these people off while I master my high
I try to get the picture, the shit is out of focus,
I’m walking on the ledge and they don’t even notice.
They say that money is root to all the evil,
I wouldn’t say I agree, cause the evil lives in the people.
They say that Christ is coming, I’m waiting to see the sequel.
None of us’s ever free, so everybody is equal.

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