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Wavy Lyrics

Ces Cru – Wavy Lyrics

Zoned out, turned up
Shuttin' something down tonight
Kush, blunts, hash, bowl
Fuckin' with a pound of white.
Order shot, shoot em down
Actin' like a drunk fuck
I don't know how I'm alive
Chalk it up as dumb luck
Drinkin' I ain't
Thinkin' I ain't
Eatin' I don't stop at all.
Sippin something super saucy
Now I'm bout to cop a ball
Spendin' every dollar
Imma make some more tomorrow
Clockin' out I hit the liquor store
And grab another bottle.
Po'ed up with young prince
Now we're burnin' down a spliff
He said just keep this shit in check
Please don't let it drown a gift
I don't hear em choppin'
Just the sounds of bottles poppin'
Is it me or did you hear some motherfucking body knockin'?
Pop another Molly
Rollin' trees like a lumberjack,
Smokin' on that earwax
Call that shit that other crack.
Sittin' in the K-hole
Starin' out the Cadillac
Yeah I love this liquor
But this shit'll never love me back.

[Chorus: x2]
Turned up, zoned out
Shuttin' something down tonight
Kush, blunts, hash, bowls
Fuckin' with a pound of white
Pitchers, shots, lines, rails, bumps, stacks
All that
Wavy, maybe, bout to take a break
If and I fall flat.

If I work a double
I'mma gotta have a couple.
Holler at the bartender
Tell her make this one a double
Swillin' down the ave
Sippin' dirty cash daily
Tippin' steady sippin'
I am fucked up, wavy.
Every thing is gettin' drank
Everybody gettin' drunk
Smooth is on the way
He said he gotta baby in the trunk.
Stoppin's not an option
I ain't poppin'
I ain't lockin'
Feels like all I really need
Is a motherfuckin' Oxycontin.
I am rotten on the inside
A plane, vin slide.
Talkin' to a serpent
Feelin' like both of my wrists tied.
No one should be this high
Double helix makes knots
Fuck a double D-V-B
Like everybody a shots
No one sets it off
Swilly and em, we go it's own
Turn it up an octave, and knock a bitch out of its zone
Misery love company
If you ain't swill then get gone
I'm down to make a ralvage as soon as that other vince' gone.

[Chorus: x2]
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