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Repangaea Lyrics

Cephalic Carnage – Repangaea Lyrics

Superreligous nation states split with bilateral neglect
Pride division, dissent and descent
Obstruction and brutality
Destructive vicious traits of our outdated paradigm
Panic and hysteria. All systems down
The cleansing begins
With us deceased
Track marks of our devastation pervade in the wake
Brimming with the wreckage of dominance and greed
Amaurosis at the precipice
Observers to the obliteration hover above
Wormholes spiral in Norwegian night skies
Commencing a global landmass reconfiguration
Coasts obliterated by ocean wide tsunamis
Intraquakes and Super Volcanos awaken an ecosystem phoenix
Melting empires into molten pools of searing pus
Gushing from freshly peeled metropolis scabs
A fertile amalgam of historic finality
The blood of the earth
Bleeds on the ocean floor
Polluting the fragile sea
The plastic island melts once more
Dismal signals from the dark side of the sun
Sends a ultra violet spike
Spawning extinction on the Mayan night
First the phytoplankton disappeared
Animalian suicide
Evolution's dawn is near
Thrusting every fault line
Upwards towards the sky
An augmented continental consciousness unveils
A self-aware conglomeration of congealing earth
Sealing hybrid cars and oil tankers side by side
Into a time vault of decomposition
Human fossil fuels
Progenitor bone diesel stews
Swallowed far below the neocrust
Drilling exploits of a future race
Remnants of culture dissipate
Our legacy remains in the radio waves
Of vibrational evidence
Undulating to the furthest echoes of space
For celestial beings to perceive
The imminent threats of the deceased
And the victims of their greed
Addicted to gluttony
Advertisements speak
Volumes to their needs
Products soon to sit in landfills for e-ternity
Atmosphere opaque
Billowing clouds showering the earth
With electrocuting rain
Conductive spheres of toxic waste
Malignant wreckage
Balance returns as
Tropical trade winds shift and the newly
Decreased shorelines create a colossal central desert
Decelerating Darwinian momentum
Long enough to recover from damage done
Slowly, micro bacteria evolve to
Feed on the oceans of petroleum
Devoid of plant or animal life
The cosmic serpent still slithering
Finds it's way through
The Supercontinent Cycle
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