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Wither Lyrics

Cephalic Carnage – Wither Lyrics

He corrupts our youth and makes them fiend,
A bastard of a human being, rapes the soul and steals their dreams.
Forced to live in infamy, all in the name of cash,
Sucking your life dry, never thinking twice,
Annihilate your mind, he sells coke, speed or meth,
Selling whatever he can get, turn a girl into a whore,
She will trade her body for a little more, her body will suffice,
Anal sodomy is the price, screaming out in pain,
Inducted into the hall of shame, dreams gone,
Dead and shattered, girlfriends abused and battered...
Getting rich is all that matters, ego trip makes him plunder,
Client list growing longer, perversity growing stronger,
One night out of laziness he urinated in his girlfriend's mouth,
Instead of going to the bathroom, she vomited all over everything,
A few drops splashed on him, she was violently beat and used her hair to wipe it up,
And didn't let her shower for 3 days, beat her for stinking.
Realizing she sold her soul for really cheap,
He will kill her if she ever leaves, rotting teeth wither,
Demon seed, makes you slither, beg for more you wither,
Integrity killer, crack pimp dealer, wither, wither.
Her family longs to have her back!
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