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Megacosm Of The Aquaphobics Lyrics

Cephalic Carnage – Megacosm Of The Aquaphobics Lyrics

There's a war under the sea
The Greys inflict brutality
Atlantis falls inevitably
The Bermuda Triangles magnetic forces lures
Metallic beasts from the air
Amphibious armies gather
Ready to destroy
Invaders from Nibiru
The massacre unfolds
Decimations the toll
Ancient creatures stave off the attack
Galaxy below the sea
The mermen are dead
Paradise is lost
As the Greys falter and retreat
Atlantis is burning
It's inhabitants are weak
Tragedy leagues under the sea
Emerald froth ascends to the surface
Mutating all who it feeds
Growing to enormity
The protectors of the deep
The war takes to the sky
Avenging spirits raid
The feeling Greys
Timid and fragile
Crashing into the sea
Purged, tortured, exhausted
Will pay for their sins
With knowledge and flesh
From this unwarranted attack
There's a new galaxy below
Infused with terrestrial life
Now contaminated with
Alien genes floating
Evolution from chaos
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