And the game cards roll
Game cards roll
The game cards roll
And the game cards roll

Our first time
We were playin'
The same old game
A gamin' it's it

Age before beauty
Could it be I was the one
Trapped on the floor
I stood in the middle of the hotel room
Too excited to find out
It's your turn

Then we played a card game
No one got battle
She asked "Want to see a 52 pickup?"
And I said I didn't want to pick it up

After this I asked if you wanted
To play another round
And you said maybe
I was going on
Hearing that strange old sound

It's your turn
C'mon, roll these cards
It's your turn
C'mon baby oh
Your turn, your turn
It's your turn
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It's Your Turn Lyrics

Celeste Tuman – It's Your Turn Lyrics