It's been a while
Since the day you left
Took your heart with me
And when you brought it back
I was torn into pieces

I know you're comin' back to me
Cause if you're not, these tears will be here forever
I don't want to listen when you say the words
So tell me

How do I live, how do I love?
How do I feel secure without you right beside me?
How do I live, how do I love?
How do I spend a day without your love
You're not around

I have a good question
Why did you take my love
The rest of the stuff standin' by me
Everything I want is gone
The feeling is here to stay
I'm just tired and confused
Waitin' here for you


My understandin'
Can't keep up
Just can't give up
On the lookin' for you
What am I gonna do
Without you
Just a little scar
Right on my face
The precious love
I can't erase

I can't replace

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How Do I Love Lyrics

Celeste Tuman – How Do I Love Lyrics