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Trappin' Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – Trappin' Lyrics

Aye, Cdot man, Honcho gang shit you already know I'm comin' smoke dope get hundreds Guapo what up man
Aye (x3)

[Verse 1: Jose Guapo]
Call me Geechi Liberace
Denim, [?], Versace
That clip get in my face
My Denim be straight habachi
I said I was a one of one
They still gon' try to copy
I got bitches at the phone
[?] runnin' 'round the open
Just look at my diamonds shinin'
That shit ain't nothin' but water
Trap house Oakland
Nigga come place your order
Whole lotta money
Nigga its nothin' but hunnids
Nigga I'm a boss and nigga you just a runner
A whole bag of cookie
We bought it just to smoke
Three or Four pints
We bought 'em just to pour
We order up them ones
Just to let 'em go
And if we know you hang
Then we know you go

[Verse 2: Cdot Honcho]
Honcho I smoke out the onions
I wake up and piss put a zip in my stomach
Pull up put clips in your stomach
And if you ain't there put them clips in your cousin
Aye, bitch I be buzzin' with hoes
[?] funyuns
Aye, I took your [?] and then punt it
It hit me I swear that I'm leavin' a forest
Aye, bitches ain't know it so after I'm nuttin'
I do not be hittin' them lines
Aye, bitches annoying we had to get 50's
This marko keep emptying 9's
All of my niggas they smokin' on witness's
So night stay the fuck out my blinds
Nigga's be hatin' won't come to [?]
This marko gon' blow every time
Smokin' on dope in this 30k Burberry trench coat
Niggas talkin' that shit, 30 spit
Let off 26, dead, now I only got 4
I just spoke to your bitch
She say we can't fuck cause she know I only got hoes
Hit that bitch, think she talkin' bout
Lil baby I dont got love I just got rolls
Bitch wanna pour hearts
Nah baby I don't pour hard I just only pour 4's
Hit that bitch one time what you talkin' 'bout
Blowin' [?] bitch I only blow rolls
Smoke some dope while I sip
Pimped off in a vip
Up cool FN on the hip
FN Five-Seven, [?] Mac 11's, we'll make a nigga shit do a flip
Bitch wanna hang cause I got rolls out
[?] cannot hang cause we gone' bring poles out
Niggas sick like niggas done' froze out
FN end up blowin' niggas nose out
In a hotel bitches tryna' suck my soul out
After that I be steady tryna' roll out
I got hoes, fuck around get some hoes out
We got poles, fuck around get your smoke out
Just Smokin'

Smoke, gas (x3)
Aye, Cdot man
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