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H2 Outro Freestyle Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – H2 Outro Freestyle Lyrics

Aye Honcho, Honcho, Honcho, Honcho
Aye C-D-O-T man
Honcho gang shit bitch, motherfucking bitch fake
Oh we got a whole ‘nother thing [?] out here
If a nigga don’t fuck with me from the muhfucking get go
We niggas rocking the fuck out here, while niggas be hating
See haters man, see haters on the cast
Aye, Honcho, Honcho, Honcho, Honcho

I’m thinking I got to get rich (cash)
How else we gon’ get out this bitch (what)
My bitch know I’m fucking this other bitch
She a fan but I never can see the bitch
Now all her friends they off and they seen the hoe
Now all my bitch wanna cut me off
Haters they hate now they fuck it off
In my top now they wish they could blow it off
[?] brake
Pop out the cutter we going eight
[?] camo no baby date
Hit you and then I evaporate
And fuck that whole milli, they wanna hate
Know we got shit in this bitch better navigate
Got bullets drop off like it’s Saturday
And if it ain’t dropping we work out a better way
Aye, aye, I’m fucking these bitches these niggas can’t
Bitch I’m that nigga, your nigga ain’t
Matter of fact I’m that nigga your nigga play
Have more money than all this shit anyway
Fuck her she know she ain’t finna stay
Fuck nigga you we ain’t finna play
Fuck you and [?] top yo plate
It’s C-D-O-T man, aye, aye

C Murda my money be low
I fuck her then doing her raw
I really don’t care how I treat the bitch
If i go broke that bitch would be gone
And I know that cause I done seen it
So then I’m like tell a bitch beat it
All about Honcho, yo Honcho beneath it
M coupe ain’t have no [?]
My niggas don’t give a fuck bout your feelings
These niggas they know they can’t fuck with me
Even if I don’t drop shit in a hundred weeks
It’s a party I call up a hundred freaks
You wan’ smoke in this shit, get ugly
Pull up on [?] heat is suddenly
It’s a party know probably we packing heat
Harlem will give you a dozen eats

Bitch, C-D-O-T man, Honcho gang shit bitch
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