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Porcelain Lyrics

Cauterize – Porcelain Lyrics

Sat up for hours
Thoughts of a lover
I'll probably never get a chance to hold again
All of my days spent waiting for nights with her again (again)
And I'm sharing a drink with a memory
And a laugh with an empty seat
Do you still look the same?
Will you still look at me the same
'cause I know that I don't
I've gotten so old in these last few years
And I'd rather be fighting with you than sleeping here next to her


Don't let me fall,
I'll break
What a mess I'd make
Pathetic pieces on your floor
Cut your feet forever more
Your porcelain,
Such a fragile skin
Just let me hold you,
I'll be gentle,
I wont drop you,
This time I'll be...
.. Careful

Forget for just one second
That this is not alright
Lets drink to feeling nothing
At least just for tonight
Stay for one more
Pass out on the floor like we used to do
It got so hot in your room


And I can't let it go
The fits of pain I'm feeling
And the hurt won't leave me alone
And I'm tired of sleeping with ghosts

Fell asleep with your ghost
Woke up with a headache
From the cure that's only temporary
When the morning always fails me

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