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Miracles Or Medicine Lyrics

Cauterize – Miracles Or Medicine Lyrics

Don't flinch,
Don't move
Don't make a sound
Take a deep breath
It might be a while
'til the next time we can breathe again
I know you're hurt
But don't say a word
You need to save your strength
It's gonna be a long night waiting for the cure.

Who will find us here
All alone my dear
The angels or the ambulance
Which will save us now
All the pills we've downed
Miracles or medicine

The cold damp air
The glass in your hair
The Smell of perfume mixed with gasoline
I think I might be sick
As the radio
Plays a song we know
Through a static frequency
I hear it freely
The blood and makeup on your face
It's hard to see
You're hard to see
But you're beautiful
And I've told you so
Maybe not enough but you need to know
That I meant it
That I meant it everytime

[Chorus x2]

Your eyes look like glass
As tears freeze on their lashes
Your lips won't stop shaking as time quickly passes
Outlines in dark red of angels where you lay
The epitome of all beauty is dying slowly
Right in front of me

Send flashing lights
Distress calls in the night
Where's the heroes
When you need them the most
Send anything
I don't care anymore
Where's the miracles when you're all out of hope


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