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Later On Lyrics

Casual – Later On Lyrics

I wake up in the mornin' feelin' fine & refreshed
Take a look into the mirror to see who's rhymin' the best
Hah, there he is, lookin' right my way
So I hook up wit jay
To start my day
I hit up ray and say what's the function
He say he got some hoes that want to take us to bruch and go kick it
Cool, I'm the man
And plus when we chillin' i'ma have on a band and tuscany
Spillin' hella game so this fella can bump
Plus I'm hungry as fuck
So tell him it's on
If I ain't here hit me
Probly have some hoes wit me
But you gone have to come & get me
Cause my shit be breakin' downs
Now I'm chillin' on the solo
Gettin' keyed
Watchin' the box
Laughin' at rappers I've superceded
Niggas try to hold me back, but I need it
I stay in seclusion when producin'
Amd makin' beats is how a nigga should be
That's why I'm always to the head'n you ain't fuckin' with me.

Later on, casual, the dopest rapper in hip hop music, marks!

Alright, uh
I sit up on my futon
And ask myself who's jon?
That brotha rippin' mics to enthuse mcs
Yet I'm eating niggas like a cruton
I charge up neutrons
The style I formulated from nothing but mere
Tears from a wack mc
I flow accurately to point the weak & give them muscles
My rhymes a 30 million piece puzzle
You was till this
I interrogate mcs until they admit it
I'm tryin' to hit the beat a little different
So dims bear with me
If it commence to happen that my rappin' wouldn't be grade a
But you couldn't persuade a nigga like me to fall off on may day
Cause I keep goin'
Just like the springs in nevada that'll bring a lotta water to the
Casual, the scheme plotta
Takin' nada
I used to steel dome from my home's, grenada
But that there's some oakland shit
And I knew you woudln't feel it when I spoke the shit
But still
I gotta give my folks a shout
Som'n I'm gonna do you can't coax me out
I speaks about the weak, without no problem
And on the microphone I can't find no opponent
And you can't find no fault in me
I'm assaulting the
Wack rapper and his depth
Check out my manuscript and say damn, you the dopest
Fuckin' up niggas on the east and west coast
With bump, casual wont lose at all
I'm the cause of the crews that fall
Used to breakin' nigga's jaws but I started out
When I found out, what life is all about.

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