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You Flunked Lyrics

Casual – You Flunked Lyrics

Verse One:

Get a load of this mc, and that mc
I guess the G does not posess the recipe
You're stale men fell when
Inferior complexes of when John flexes
Vexes the, competition often stop and listen
In all men men saught in, raw
I bet your best to play to crave the savior
Never let the sweat be seen against me fiending
For an inkling when, the sin retreat
Before the score is scuffed, you flunk again
I recommend that you step, or I deck your chin
Then I grin cause you slept, you kept your
Face placed in the spot from, first to last
Now listen up as Cas come burst that ass
Basically, your crew stunk
Here's your grade chump, you flunked


Like that and uh, mc's just flunked (4X)

Verse Two:

It's vital how I pull tricks up off my jock
Sticks and stones breakbeats and bones
Make fleets of clones, drop
Sway as I say an essay, will impress a critic
Critic the way I bring a flow, get it
I'm the dopest, admit it
Regurgitate when you bit it
Ex-Lax the skills of a poet that's the shit
And he know it, I swat em seek em out, and close in-
-tro blows internally damaging men pos-ing
I suppose thin tracks are always wack
It all pays back when you stays fat
Like that and uh, like this and uh
This man'll, show you how to flow, dope
Simply stating my standpoint on the, spunk
Basically, you flunked


Chorus Two:

Like that, the competition, they just flunked (4x)

Verse Three:

It's curtains, the way to adjust, must just be
Bearing with the tearing and ripping
That I'm inflicting, from where the proper shit
Of my begin when, tricks lead your saliva
Is deep in my dick, clean I need a remedy from men that be
All into me, they might fall into the abyss
As I twist these melodies
Hella mc's seize these fellas be
Prolific, with it, all intact
Keep in touch even though I'm only callin back
Wack, you're week-er than seven days
You should find a way to bring a weaker thought like crime pays
I simply the peak in rhyme divinity when it be
Up to me, for the funk
Higher like this, higher like that
I got your brain again, you flunked


Chorus Two
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Songwriters: J. OWENS
You Flunked lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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